Happy? I’m not.

I’m not new to the image theft game, my images have been stolen dozens of times by many people and media outlets. Most famously Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Miley Cyrus.

This weeks saga is dealing with a Sydney based media outlet named “Happy”. They are a for-profit business who sell their magazine subscriptions online.

I discovered my image of Battles (below) being used via Pixsy (read my review of Pixsy here). Although they had credited me (which is a start) the image was cropped, possibly to remove my watermark. The image accompanied a review of the Manning Bar show, which is where I captured the image.


Screen shot from the Happy website:

I was going to chase payment for the image, but decided to just request them to remove it, I did so via facebook message to them:

After about 14 hours, they swapped the image for one from the bands press agency and didn’t respond to me. So I explained to them what they did was wrong and requested confirmation that the image was not used in their magazine:


And now, for their sass-filled response:


Thinking they made have made a mistake (swapping the image out then thinking I was calling them out on the new image, not the old one):


And once again, requesting confirmation it wasn’t printed, they had the audacity to direct me to purchase a subscription:


I’m not sure if Happy realise that I’m unpaid in what I do and any sales come after the fact to artists, websites, etc. In a city filled with small music agencies and photographers doing what they love, it’s a shame a few assholes like these guys can’t play by the rules and get sassy when called out on it. Unfortunately, today I’ve learnt that this isn’t the first time these guys have used images without permission, so unless someone calls them out on it, they’ll keep doing it.

Next time, guys, suck it up, apologise and learn from it.

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Posted: May 26, 2016


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